Self-published Food and drink titles

We’ve already published several several cooking and cuisine books for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Cake in Colour

Aoife Collins €15.00

The world of CAKE is full of colour…but which colours should you choose to make the most of your cakes?In this helpful book, learn how to...

The Experiences of a Talented Chef

Tommy Lawlor €15.00

Have you ever dreamed of a cookbook that bares all? Are you sick of typical books, which are not practical, books that bore you? Tommy La...

Stories Behind the Labels

Dr. John Heywood €40.00

French wine is possibly the most varied product in the world. It varies by region and by quality, by chateau and sometimes by the particu...

Chillies Are Hot, Spices Are Not

Rashid Mohommad €13.00

People today in Europe are more adventurous regarding exotic foods. They are more open today to trying a wider variety of foods than they...