A Jackdaw Sings


Author: Jim O'Leary

Publication date: 23-01-2008

ISBN: 978-1-908024-08-4

"A Jackdaw Sings...", a Limited Edition Poetry Collection by Jim O'Leary, has just been published. The book is beautifully bound and presented in hardback. The dust-jacket is a reproduction of a painting, "To the Beach', by the Author. Each copy is Numbered, Certified and Signed. Already, it is being seen as a collector's item and will make a memorable gift for people of all ages.

The contents are set out in four sections with a wide variety of subjects drawn from the Author's life experiences. The book is sprinkled throughout with topics such as love and longing, old age, suicide, homelessness and the dark places to which the human mind sometimes resorts. There are some funny pieces too. This is a great read for all ages though some bits may not be suitable for children.

About the author

Born in West Cork, (The Western Lodge, Castlefreke, Clonakilty), in 1943, Jim has had a widely varied career from working in the local creamery through shop-assisting to accountancy and ultimately to the study and practice of law as a Barrister and Senior Counsel. There were many adventures and escapades along the way not all of which would bear exposure to publication. That being said, his sixty-seven years so far have been a journey of considerable depth and experience. His affinity with the less welloff in society has always been and continues to be a defining factor in his life. Poetry has always been special and he has been writing poetry for many years. This past year, taking a back-seat so-to-speak from law because of health considerations, he decided to tackle his accumulated work and the result of that is "A Jackdaw Sings...'.


She is the daytime hare,
A beauty of the dark;
He is an eagle of the night
Mortal by day;
As sunlight dims
The hare becomes the beauty
And the man soars delta-winged
into the sky;
Condemned, they search
Through endless time
For unbewitching spell
And failing,
The eagle steals the whisper of the wind,
Fly-dives into her comfort-breast of earth
And no more pain....
......And they live on in dream.

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