Feather Heads


Author: JF McGonigle

Publication date: 22-05-2012

ISBN: 978-1-906018-43-6

"A boy lay prostrate on his back; a smoking shotgun ominously by his side…"

Mattie and Finn are young brothers growing up in a Border Town in the 1950's, where their father is the local Sergeant. Like their pals Sparks, Vinny and Towbar,their relentless pursuit of mischief is a constant irritation to the town residents. Having accepted an invitation to holiday with their grandmother in rural Ireland the two greenhorns wreak havoc on both the unsuspecting community and animals alike.

…at the start, it was just Uncle Frank charging after Mattie, but then the dogs joined in…

The story paints a picture of the characters' lifestyles during this era, linking tales of intrigue—a stolen Masterpiece, a furry Ghost, Smugglers, a Lethal Weapon, Poachers, a marauding Wildcat and a mysterious Dutchman…

…'Redneck Racketeering,' the Judge summarised the evidence he had just heard …

The story is told through the eyes of a young boy who is innocently oblivious of the adult world touching on his life. Was their holiday cunningly commandeered to further a sinister plot—are dark secrets about to raise their murky heads amidst the pranks of two boys away from home?

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