Green Fields Gone Forever


Author: Douglas S. Appleyard

Publication date: 21-04-2010

ISBN: 978-0-951077-40-5

This book was originally prompted by the advent of the 225th Anniversary of the consecration of the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Coolock. The aim was to update and expand on the booklet written by the late Canon T.F. Johnston in 1960. But when it was realised that the Coolock of 1960 was nothing like the Coolock that we know today, that it had changed from rural to urban in a relatively short time, the Select Vestry of the church felt that it might be a contribution, all be it a small one, to the life of the whole area to publish a book about Coolock and its surrounding areas. There is the hope that it might help to provide all of us live within this of the world a deeper sense of belonging to it.

Writing a local history book like this one means selecting from other writers' works from many different sources, and then putting them together in the one book. It has been an impossibility to cover everything that is available. I see this as a starting point for some other local historians, such as Fr. Connellan from Dorndale.