No Place in the Sun


Author: John Mulligan

Publication date: 22-08-2008

ISBN: 978-1-907179-05-1

Anyone who ever bought anything from a salesman needs to read this book. When Tom Murphy loses his job selling washing machines he tries his hand at selling 'clocked' cars. With the law on his heels he moves to Spain, where he soon gets involved in a dodgy timeshare business.

The boom in foreign property sales draws him back to Ireland where he meets the larger than life Tania Sherry. Together they set out to fleece unwary buyers with promises of riches in far-flung places, in a mad scramble through Spain and the emerging economies of Eastern Europe.

Is it all above board? Do the punters make their fortunes, or is it Tom and Tania that make a pile? Who are the winners, and who are the losers, and why has Mickey Macken taken time off from his job as Ireland's best known racing commentator to help Tania to sell dreams in Bulgaria? Just who is being taken for a ride in this cautionary tale of greed, glitz and graft, and could it ever happen in the real world?

Anyone who ever bought anything from a salesman needs to read this book. Anyone who bought a Bulgarian apartment with a dubious promise of wealth attached should read it too. At least they will find out what Tom's customers have yet to discover – that there may be no pot of gold at the end of that particular rainbow.

What they said about this book

"Selling overseas properties to the rich and the gullible – the author knows that murky world because he worked there, kept his eyes open and his honour intact. Now combine that knowledge with the gifts of a master storyteller, and you get one extraordinarily gripping and at times hilarious novel." — David Rice, author of The Pompeii Syndrome and the No.1 bestselling Shattered Vows

"The author has been a dependable source for journalists writing about the property market over the years. This is a well-told and entertaining novel, and a great read. — Kate McMorrow, property journalist.

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