Author: Ali Hussein

Publication date: 04-10-2011

ISBN: 978-1-907179-21-1

Nostalgia is Ali Hussein's first collection of poetry.

About the Author

Ali Hussein left the University of Benghazi Libya in the early eighties, to Montréal Canada. There he studied English in Concordia University, he later joined The Edward de Monbetit Institution for aviation. He resumed his study and training with Aer Lingus in Dublin Airport. He sat his exams with the Irish Aviation Authority and obtained his Licenses as Aircraft engineer.

Ali went to study journalism and got a high diploma from Bournemouth University England in Media, Media Law and Ethics. He also obtained a certificate in presenting and directing for television from the Bil Keating media centre in Milltown College.

He went on to study ancient philosophy as "comparative study" before going back to aviation with the Dublin Institute of Technology Engineering Department.

Ali Hussein is an active member of the National Union of Journalism and the Irish writers association. He is currently working on a historical play and his second collection of poetry.

Ali is enjoying living in Malahide along with his wife and son.

"All that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity" - William Shakespeare


It's Smokey and hard to breath
Just like conflagration
Continuously grasping for air
Always seems like I'm taking my last breath
Surrounded by ugly shapes
And shadows of death
Madness and books of sadness
Sweet sorrows of the prophets
Fighting falsehood
Along with the Lord
With mighty sword
We call it the Word
So come in my majesty
My queen of happiness
Enter my soul and through
My eyes
Discover the world