Patient Number 360993


Author: Kay Morrison

Publication date: 14-01-2008

ISBN: 978-1-908024-07-7

This is a true account of the authors' son Darren's struggle for survival against all the odds after the doctor in the hospital made a dreadful mistake and made no attempt to fix it. This happened back in 1992 when laparoscopy operations were relatively new in Ireland. To think that this doctor is still working away happily operating on his unsuspecting patients in hospitals is dreadful. If we had not stepped in to request a different doctor take over his case, we would have certainly buried our son. This story shows the bravery that Darren had within him to survive this dreadful ordeal. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else in Ireland, but why did it have to happen to us? We all have been to hell and back, especially my son Darren. He has certainly received his share of suffering over the past nineteen years and did not deserve any of it. It is terrible to think that this could have been avoided if the right treatment was administered in the first place after the operation. This has all led on to an extraordinary endurance test...

Will this endurance test ever come to an end?

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