Author: Declan Cairney

Publication date: 01-02-2010

ISBN: 978-1-908477-76-7

"Nature is all around us in Ireland. Unlike our ancestors, sometimes we are too busy to stop and watch birds, butterflies, badgers or bluebells. But Declan Cairney has clearly stopped, watched, enjoyed and recalled the nature around his home.

Whether you live in the countryside or the town, Declan's wonderful book, brimming with enthusiasm and respect, can draw your attention to some of the birds of prey on your own doorstep. Whether it is the Kestrel hovering along the road or the Sparrowhawk dashing through your garden – this book will open the door to the growing beauty, colour and variety of Irish Birds of Prey and Owls. The joy of this charming book is the pure and simple enjoyment of nature, seen through the eyes of a gifted young watcher of nature.

Irish children and adults now have the possibility of glimpsing Eagles, Buzzards, Falcons, Kites, Hawks, Harriers, Owls or even Ospreys. Declan's book draws attention to all these exciting opportunities – just waiting to be encountered in the Irish Countryside."

Lorcán O Toole,
Irish Golden Eagle Project, Golden Eagle Trust.

Raptors, a pocket Guide to Birds of Prey and Owls, written and illustrated by Declan Cairney, is a remarkable piece of work. It is the culmination of months of hands-on experience working with raptors in the Burren Birds of Prey Centre, by a birdman who is not yet a teenager! Declan's knowledge and enthusiasm comes through in his writing. His artistic talent is evident in the dramatic poses of his bold illustrations. This pocket guide is thus a handy reference for the many people who, like Declan, admire these noble birds and who look for them both in captive circumstances and in the wild.

Though falcons, hawks and eagles are his first love, Declan has affection for all birds and indeed all nature. Despite his tender years he has, through this book, declared his adult intentions and is clearly well on his way to becoming a fully fledged naturalist.

Gordon D'Arcy

About the Author

Declan Cairney is 11 years old and lives in County Galway with his family. This is his first publication.
All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Golden Eagle Trust Limited, www.goldeneagle.ie

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