Unfinished Times


Author: Brian Moore

Publication date: 26-08-2011

ISBN: 978-1-908282-91-0

Introduction to Unfinished Times by Brian Moore

I first began writing poetry when I was sixteen, back in 1972. The poems were written in school copy books, which I titled and kept, some of the titles are referred to in this selection, ie Poems from Love in a Mist, Mystic Moments, The poems were written once, never gone back over or re edited. In 1973 I had two poems published in the first ever school literary magazine, in Oatlands college Stillorgan, this gave me the confidence to keep writing, however, things began to fizzle out in the eighties after I got married, there was not enough time to write, with career, and the raising of two small boys, it was a hectic time.

Towards the end of the decade I decided to write again, after several attempts I gave up. Empty pages are like looking at a map, you see the roads, the towns, the cities, but the car will not start. In the early nineties I began another copy book, which was titled Unfinished Times, and that's exactly what it ended up as, with only a couple of entries.

In the Spring Of 2009 my good friend Pete Ryan gave me a copy of the school magazine from 1973, that stoked the creative juices, so I got all the old copies, picked out what I thought were the best, and restructured them, some of them I did not change at all. I decided to write some new pieces, to include, which turned out better than I thought they would. Notably, The title poem, and The Bitter and the Sweet. I enjoyed the challenge, and decided to call the final result, Unfinished Times, after so many failed attempts, and my obsession with time and its many symphonies that we have to weave our life's dance to.

About the Author

Brian Moore was born in Dublin in 1955, and lives in Cornelscourt South Dublin with his Wife Siobhan and their three children, John, Robert and Kevin.
Unfinished Times is Brian's first publication.

Hard Love

She will always leave a chasm
no matter where you go,
the chasm is in your heart,
the one she put there, when she
flew away and left you
in the twilight zone.

Her tired body lovingly tied around you
its so real, I can feel her there,
alas its in the past, where she cast her spell
The white swan flew low and touched you with
her breast, my swan song, coming out second best.
Everyone knows the rest,
You were left gazing at the moon,
while she followed the sun
Lovestruck and forlorn
in that love tomb.

Oh its been so long since you played
the game of love, now your back in the mix.
The cards are shuffling. the queen of hearts is
waiting, a kaleidoscope of colours,
you just new the hand was yours,
but the dealer dealt a joker
and pinned it to your shirt.

20th Jan 1976